Other products

In addition to the bearing assortment, we also produce other parts from various materials based on customer requirements, made according to drawing documentation.

Custom made

Our company’s premises are endowed with machines and devices, which in addition to bearings’ assortment enable to produce other components from different materials according to customer’s requests and supplied drawing documentation. These components consist mainly of turned parts with bores, threads, groovings such as different kinds of rings, studs, pins, nuts, screws, washers, plugs, pulleys, bolts, housings, couplings, screw joints, screw stoppers etc. Most of these parts are manufactured and delivered as complete products, surface treatment included.

Our mostly used steel qualities are (see the table below):

Material No.ČSNDINENType of material
1.350514 109100Cr6100Cr6bearing steel
1.352014 209100CrMn6100CrMnSi6-4bearing steel
1.353616 125100CrMo73bearing steel
1.071511 1099SMn2811SMn30free machining steel
1.071811SMnPb3011SMnPb30free machining steel
1.072111 11010S2010S20free machining steel
1.030811 353St35SPT360structural steel
1.003611 373Ust37-2S235JRG1structural steel
1.005011 500St50-2E295structural steel
1.006011 600St60-2E335structural steel
1.007011 700St70-2E360structural steel
1.114812 020C15C16Ehigh-grade steel
1.050312 050C45C45high-grade steel
1.713114 22016MnCr516MnCr5high-grade steel
1.284219 31290MnCrV890MnV8tool steel
1.320219 858HS12-1-4-5HS12-1-5-5tool steel
1.403417 024X46Cr13X46Cr13stainless steel
1.411217 151X90CrMoV18X90CrMoV18stainless steel
1.430517 243X8CrNiS18 9X8CrNiS18-9stainless steel

In addition to the above mentioned steel types we are able to use cast iron, brass, bronze and other materials according to your requests.

Examples of tailor-made products

Our technologies you can use:

State of Material in use:

  • Round
  • Squared and six-sided bars
  • Tubes
  • Wires and forged pieces