VRL Praha a.s.

Development trends and achievments

On the ground of tender announcement in the field of R&D by Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic our company applied for a financial grant. We succeeded in the final selection procedure with two projects.

Project No. 1

R&D of technology for production of the bearing’s outer ring suitable for the use with high-speed spindel

The aim of this project laid in the design and drawing up of construction-technonogical solution which would be able to produce the outer ring of a bearing suitable for the high-speed spindels (revolutions of the final bearing go up to 120.000 RPM). The project have been sucessfully implemented into our production and therefore we have kept our competitiveness in the area of special bearings and their components. Nowadays, the assortment of bearing’s rings suitable for high-speed spindles can be extended up to the diameter of 24 mm.

Project was ended on 30th April, 2011

Project No. 2

R&D of technology for production of a sealed bearing with low friction

The aim of this project was to develop a new construction-technological solution which would enable to produce a sealed bearing with low friction (-RZ, or -2RZ marking). A bearing with the sealing RZ has its inner parts covered with a double-blade sealing pushing on the ground surface of the inner ring without prestress. This guarantees low friction of the bearing and the labyrinth-like cutting edge profile guarantees a sufficient sealing ability against not only the leakage of grease but also against the dust penetration into the bearing. The RZ sealings friction are about 30 % lower than those with RSR sealing. The bearings are suitable for high numbers of revolutions as in case of ZR shields.The production of bearings with low friction will be introduced step by step on the selected assortment of single row ball bearings in VRL Praha a.s.

Project was ended on 31st August, 2011

Development plans

Our company constantly develops new products and search for the possibilites how to apply new technologies on the present production.

We use

  • New knowledges
  • New technological methods and procedures
  • Modern materials
  • Application of modern trends

We introduce into the production

  • New special bearings
  • Pulleys and rollers
  • Bearings with changed dimensions from those of standardized bearings
  • Accurate rings and accurate rotating parts

Provided the construction of demaned bearings is highly different and therefore existing elements cannot be applied on, we suggest an optimal solution and design to the customer in the way that the functionality and operating reliability of the product is guaranteed. Every step and draft is consulted with the customer in order to achieve a satisfying and price acceptable solution for both sides.