VRL Prague has been producing ball bearings since 1939.

We are traditional producer of small standard ball bearings (miniature ball bearings) and ball bearings for special applications.

We are traditional and stable Czech company since 1939

The roots of our company were established in 1939 by J. E. Solman, a former representative of Swedish company SKF and Swiss company SRO.

The bearings had been produced under trade mark ZKL from 1953. In the year of 2010, we changed our strategy and since then our products have been manufactured under new trade mark VRL.

Primary assortment

Standardized single row deep groove ball bearings and several types of double row self-aligning ball bearings with bore diameter from 3 to 12 mm and with outer diameter from 10 to 32 mm can be found in our standard product catalogue.

Our main specialization is the production of special modifications of small ball bearings (special ball bearings with outer diameter up to D = 60 mm) and precise machining of rotation parts (precise machined rotating parts.)

Mechanical equipment

The variability of the machinery and equipment allows us to also produce special bearings (e.g. traveling rollers) of various sizes and shapes according to customer requirements. Our special single-row and double-row ball bearings (bearing rollers of various shapes and profiles) are used, for example, in fireplace inserts, in transport equipment carriages, in wirehouses for guiding wires of various diameters, in the aviation industry (flaps for buoyancy control), as guide rolls different profiles, etc. We will be happy to help you choose a suitable design solution. We are able to manufacture some types of special bearings (pulleys) with an outer diameter of up to 100 mm.

Rotating parts

We produce accurate rotating parts according to customers request. We manufacture finished products or we do only required technology processes (hardening, grinding, super finishing, washing, etc.) on parts delivered by customer.

Factory shop

In our Rokytnice factory shop, we produce various rotating parts, such as for connections (flow screws), threaded plugs, necks, fittings, nuts, bolts and pins.

History of the company

  • 1939

    Establishment of the company by Mr. Jan Evzen Solman, the former business agent of Swedish company SKF and Swiss company SRO.
  • 1940

    Production progamme focuses on single-row ball bearings, for whose different parts are purchased from and delivered by German company STAR located in Schweinfurt (balls, cages, rivets). The first ball bearing produced by the Czech firm is a model 6205 under the trademark JES (Jan Evzen Solman).
  • 1941

    Expansion of range of products (spherical plain bearings and other turned, alter. grinded motor parts, e.g. distance rings, pins, studs. The bearings are marked by company's mark JES.
  • 1945

    The organization is governed by national administration. The purchase of cages ends and therefore own first press tools are put in place.
  • 1947

    ONV in Říčany decide to confiscate the company's property.
  • 1949

    Abolition of national administration and incorporation of the company into Zbrojovka Brno n.p. (national enterprise).
  • 1950

    Foundation of a stand-alone enterprise for the bearing production. It becomes a subsidiary of ZPS Závody přesného strojírenství Brno – Líšeň within the re-organization of the whole Czechoslovakian industry.
  • 1952

    Joining of business premises n. p. Zona Hloubětín in Dolní Měcholupy. A new control method of statistical regulation in the production of bearings.
  • 1953

    The company gains an independence and changes its name into n. p. Valivá ložiska Dolní Měcholupy (abbr. VLM) and begins to produce bearings under the trademark ZKL.
  • 1954

    Replacement of turret lathes by more productive single- spindle and five-spindle automated lathes.
  • 1955

    Assignemnt of new business premises in Prague 4, former place n.p. Tesla Hloubětín.
  • 1956

    Assignement of business premises of Grafotechna company in Dolní Měcholupy where the workshop for overhauling of machines takes place.
  • 1957

    Purchase of the first foreign grinding machines - grinding machines for bore grinding Woumard. The production of bearings EL 3 (new designation 623).
  • 1958

    The company loses its autonomy and is incorporated into the concern ZPS Líšeň (by the decision of ministry).
  • 1959

    The plant VLM is repeatedly set up as a company and subordinates to ZKL Brno. The new name: ZKL, Závody na valivá ložiska, národní podnik, Dolní Měcholupy.
  • 1960

    The bearings with cages from TEXTGUMOID. Ultrasound cleaning device in use.
  • 1961

    Sequential switchover from the production of one-piece sheet cages to two-piece sheet cages.
  • 1964

    Developement of first sealed bearings.
  • 1965

    The other rearrangement of Czechoslovakian industry. The organizations which are producing bearings are concentrated in the newly-emerged trust ZVL – Závody na výrobu ložísk headquartered in Považská Bystrica (SK). An assortment of single-row and double-row ball bearings with the outer diamater up to 35 mm is set to be produced in Prague company. The evaluation of noise level of bearings and a measuring laboratory are put in place in our production.
  • 1967

    The construction of new shop floor begins in Prague.
  • 1968

    The new shop floor gets going.
  • 1970

    Ball bearings with plastic cage.
  • 1971

    The beginning of the production of ball bearings with metal shields Z and sealings RS (a vulcanized rubber on metallic stiffener).
  • 1972

    Extension of production hall.
  • 1973

    Opening of the extended production hall for turning operations and new hardening room.
  • 1974

    Completion of company quarters.
  • 1983

    Purchase of gas hardening line Safed.
  • 1984

    Implementation of bearing shields ZR.
  • 1986

    Implementation of bearing sealings RSR.
  • 1990

    Origin of stand-alone national enterprise ZKL Praha.
  • 1992

    Foundation of joint-stock company ZKL Praha a.s.
  • 1997

    Partial change in the production: rings for spherical plain bearings for SKF company.
  • 1998

    More special ball bearings has begun to be implemented in our production. Several types of double-row ball bearings for automotive are first.
  • 2000

    New special bearings has begun to be marked by single type symbol VLM (Valivé Ložisko Měcholupy), original ones are still in force under type symbol PLC (plánovací ložiskové číslo).
  • 2001

    We begings to produce complete spherical plain bearings for SKF company.
  • 2002

    The first quality management certificate ISO 9001 for "Design and anufacture of rolling and sliding bearings" and "Machining of metal parts to customer's specifications" and gaining ISO TS/16949 certificate for "Manufacture of rolling and sliding bearings".
  • 2003

    The change of company's name to ZKL-ZRL Praha, a.s.
  • 2004

    Implementation of internal information system.
  • 2006

    The change of company's name to ZKL-VRL Praha a.s.
  • 2010

    New name VRL Praha a.s., trademark ZKL is replaced by new trademark VRL.
  • 2012

    New sealing have been implemented into the production. A bearing with the sealing RZ has its inner parts covered with a double-blade sealing pushing on the ground surface of the inner ring without prestress, which guarantees low friction of the bearing, and the labyrinth-like cutting edge profile guarantees a sufficient sealing ability against not only the leakage of grease but also against the dust penetration into the bearing.